Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving at Your House This Year

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving at Your House This Year

  • Berry Boyd Group
  • 11/13/22

You’ve got the home of your dreams, and now it is time to host a holiday party for friends and family. In Denton County, holiday entertaining is made easier with a multitude of dining and decor businesses to choose from. Enhance any get-together in your home, from food to decorations and entertainment with a little help from local resources. And the best part is, the North Texas weather means you may even be able to entertain outdoors for the holidays.

Many Flower Mound properties provide expansive indoor and outdoor areas to set up multiple food stations and entertainment posts. While hosting your function, the main goal is to be present without the stress of preparation and entertainment weighing you down. Here are some tips to make your Thanksgiving event a success.

Know your options

Cooking for guests can be daunting, and staying hidden in the kitchen is no way to host a party. Flower Mound properties offer great open kitchen floorplans with expansive islands, allowing for cross-room conversations and multiple countertop-level seating options around this space. Luckily, there are alternatives to working on the menu, which enable you to focus more on guests and socializing with your invitees. A host should be out and about during celebrations. The following options are great alternatives to cooking alone.

Premade meals

There are times when cooking for a group just won’t suffice. Market Street provides a solution to sweating in the kitchen over the stove and away from your event by offering curbside pick-up of pre-made meals ready to heat and serve on the day of your gathering. Check with guests ahead of your dinner for any food allergies or special requests, and choose the establishment that offers the best meal package for your guests. Ordering well ahead of Thanksgiving day is an excellent way to ensure that you will have everything you need to satisfy your group on the day of the event without braving the shopping crowds in the supermarket.

Chef for hire

Whether you have a large family gathering or you plan on sharing your meal with a smaller group of close friends, hiring a personal chef can save time and effort when looking to impress your holiday guest. Hiring a chef is an excellent alternative to standing for hours near the stove and sink while preparing to serve your meal, giving you more time to mingle and share stories with guests. Their service frees you from the concerns of shopping for the meal ingredients and planning the menu. While you enjoy the party, the meal is prepared and plated for all.


Denton County offers a variety of restaurants to choose from as a catering option, with Hannah’s at the top of the list as they travel out to cater for Holiday parties big and small by request and offer several menu items to choose from to complete your holiday feast. Texas Alcohol and Beverage certified bartenders are also available to serve up cocktails for the after-party when using a catering service and serve as another way to keep you in the middle of the fun versus behind-the-bar mixing drinks.

Home decor and design

Jazz up your home with new items that favor the season and tradition of this holiday. Finding the right decor is as simple as a trip to Denton Square, browsing eclectic shops and boutiques, or quickly searching online for local options to decorate your home appropriately. Brilliant colors, warm accents, and music all help to create the right environment for the event.

Local vendors, rentals, and shops

Florist and garden shops are one of the first stops for creating your festive decor. Brightening up carefully crafted mantles and bar tops, dining tables, and elegant stone islands with fresh florals and exceptional centerpieces is a beautiful way to invite your guest with a comforting touch of perfectly placed colors of nature indoors.

Highlighting entertainment spaces with uplighting and enhancing patios and decks with LED lights will give your holiday party an inviting ambiance worth remembering. Linens and lighting can spruce up your furniture, tables, and serving spaces. Allow your guests to sip on adult beverages in the luxury of high-class fabrics and light installations. Additional throw pillows, candles, and ultra-chic blankets can be found in stores like Kirkland’s and World Market.

Decor and other items to consider:

  • Seasonal curtains
  • Monogrammed napkins
  • Ciders and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Bowls of spiced nuts
  • WiFi sounds throughout the home
  • Aromatherapy with essentials oils in each room

Utilize space

Taking inventory of the space designated for entertaining inside and outside your house is essential. Depending on your guest list, you may want to rent new items, purchase accent pieces or take some of the luxury furnishings in your home out of the equation for your dinner party. Adding stand-alone heaters to outdoor patios or luxe outdoor firepits can aid in the transition from dining to an after-hours party, even in the coldest of temperatures.

Rearrange or remove furniture

You may arrange your current setup to allow for more condensed seating in areas where others would feel most comfortable in your home. The goal is to create seating and eliminate crowding by offering pathways to move quickly throughout your home or the designated spaces for gathering. Clearing a clear path to hors-d'oeuvres, self-serve areas, and fixed snacking spots is crucial and proves you to be a thoughtful host.

Create an open environment

Offering your loft or family room for mingling and setting up open spaces in and around your property for hanging together will allow friends and family to explore your home and find the environment they enjoy hanging around most. You might hire entertainment to play the piano or violin during dinner, followed by a guitar jam session on the patio with drinks after Thanksgiving turkey. Allowing traffic to flow freely in and around the kitchen and dining area invites your attendees to feel welcome even after the meal.

Showcase your investment

Having a get-together with friends and family is one of the times you sit back and listen to others admire your domain and take it in with pride. Moments like these will stick with you long after everyone has gone home. Part of your investment is finding ways to boast and shine a light on your property's magnificence. Show off the hard work you have put in on your luxury lot. Give a tour of the new projects you have completed and share details of what is to come. Your family will be thankful that you took the time to prepare your home for their arrival with such attention to detail and will look forward to what event you will host next.

Berry Boyd Group is available to offer suggestions for the decoration of your home for your upcoming event. Contact the team today with questions about local design and decor advice. If you are curious about the market for luxury homes in Flower Mound Tx and surrounding Denton County communities, we are the experts you want in your corner.

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