How to Prepare Your Flower Mound Home for Sale

How to Prepare Your Flower Mound Home for Sale

  • Berry Boyd Team
  • 03/24/22

With small-town charm, expansive estates, and classic architecture — all within reach of Dallas and Fort Worth — Flower Mound is one of the hottest luxury suburbs in all of Texas.

Ranked at number four on a list of the 50 best places to live in the US, Flower Mound is growing in popularity and will continue to attract buyers during 2022. The median income in Flower Mound is one of the highest of any U.S. city, and real estate prices in the city clearly reflect this trend. Median list prices for Flower Mound real estate have appreciated by over 19% in the past year—and are primed to continue increasing this year.

If you’re hoping to add your home to the inventory of Flower Mound luxury real estate for sale, there are a number of things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best sale price possible.

How to prep your Flower Mound home to sell

Get in touch with us

An experienced Flower Mound real estate agent like those at the Berry Boyd Group will do the heavy lifting for you, helping you set a competitive price and determine which amenities are most popular with buyers looking at Flower Mound houses for sale.

We’ll run a comparative market analysis to make sure you’re listing for the right price and touch base with you at every step in the process. By looking into the features of nearby homes and what those homes sold for, we can put together a realistic and competitive value for your property. Flower Mound buyers tend to prefer fully updated kitchens but seem to be less fussy about requiring a modern bathroom. Depending on when you list and what you have to offer potential buyers, we might suggest renovations to your own kitchen or highlight its new appliances in your listing. We’ll help your property shine on the market.

Research the Flower Mound real estate market

Begin by examining both the entirety of the Flower Mound real estate market and the trends in your immediate neighborhood. Consider what houses in your area are selling for and how long they stay on the market. Look at homes that are in a similar location and size—as you don’t want to compare your five-bedroom on the perimeter of town to a two-bedroom closer to the heart of the community.

You’ll want to take notes on every listing nearby, watch which houses sell the fastest, and compare what was offered at various price points. Try to identify patterns, like homes with outdoor space selling for significantly more than homes without. Understanding the current Flower Mound real estate market will help you interview (and have informed conversations with) potential real estate agents. It will also help get a better first impression of what to expect when listing your Flower Mound home for sale.

Consider renovations

Renovations are one of the most strategic steps you can take prior to putting your house on the market. You may have already accumulated majority equity on your home; however, many renovations will increase the total equity you own without having to pay off more of your mortgage. This is because strategic renovations can heftily increase the value of your Flower Mound home—and bring in a higher return on investment (ROI) when you sell.
The two rooms that lead to the highest ROI upon sale are kitchens and bathrooms. Consider full renovations in each space—updating all appliances and refinishing any outdated cabinets, countertops, or backsplash tiles. If you have any old carpeting throughout the property, replace it with hardwood or tile. And if you’re able to update your outdoor patio area (or create one), buyers will appreciate having their own outdoor space to enjoy. If the outdoor pool and spa are an essential part of your home’s appeal, consider listing during the warmer months, when buyers are more likely to be enthusiastic about using these luxurious features.

Compass Concierge is a program that takes the guesswork out of preparing your home for sale. With a proven track record for selling homes for more, Compass Concierge will help you take your property to the next level — let us help you!

Depersonalize your space

As you continue to prepare your home to list amongst other Flower Mound houses for sale, clear out as many personal items as possible. This serves two key purposes. First, it allows potential buyers to more easily imagine themselves living in the house. If you have family portraits on the wall or your own clothes in the closets, buyers will have a harder time picturing their own decor and personal items in the home and are less likely to make an offer.

Clearing out personal items also allows for clean, professional photos and videos. Getting rid of clutter and personal items makes space for a professional stager to come in and set up your home to look as clean and neutral as possible. They will bring in prop furniture and decor that will appeal to a wider range of buyers and help encourage them to imagine their lives in the space.

Use a professional stager

Aside from an experienced luxury real estate agent, a professional stager is your biggest asset when selling your home in the Flower Mound real estate market. Professional stagers can take any home and create a work of art that will appeal to a wide range of buyers in your particular market. They’ll bring in specific decor, art, and furniture to enhance the allure of each room, with the ultimate goal of highlighting those features that are most sought-after by buyers.

Stagers will make sure—if outdoor garden space is something Flower Mound buyers are favoring—that your garden space is clean, lush, and featured heavily on the listing. If grand, elegant dining rooms are a must-have for Flower Mound buyers, a professional stager can bring in delicate place settings that help buyers picture themselves entertaining there.

Use photos, videos, and a virtual tour

High-quality photos of each room in your home are a must-have for online listings, and the more photos and videos you can include, the better. With more open houses happening virtually, buyers expect to be able to get a feel for your space without visiting and to revisit the home online at a moment’s notice. With the market as competitive as it is, buyers trying to secure a piece of Flower Mound real estate may not even have time to schedule a walk-through. Your Berry Boyd Group agent will know what will work best for your property!

Ready to list your Flower Mound home for sale?

To make sure your Flower Mound home sells quickly once it’s listed, it’s important to start the selling process early—and to hire the right agent. With in-depth knowledge of the Flower Mound market, Berry Boyd Group will ensure you get the most value out of your Flower Mound home—and that the process is rewarding and stress-free. Contact the Berry Boyd real estate team today!

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