Is Your Family Ready For More Space? Here’s How to Upgrade Your Home

Is Your Family Ready For More Space? Here’s How to Upgrade Your Home

  • Berry Boyd Group
  • 01/14/23

Is your family in need of a larger home? Whether your children are getting older and need extra space, or you are welcoming a new addition, the reasons for expanding your house are numerous.
Sometimes adding more space can be as easy as reworking and updating the house you’re already in. From a real estate perspective, this approach has the added bonus of increasing the resale of your home, whenever you’re ready to part with it. Or maybe you’ve just completely outgrown your current home and are ready to start fresh. Luckily, the greater Dallas Fort Worth area has a lot of great options for families and Berry Boyd Group is ready to help.
Keep reading for several top ways to upgrade your home when your family is ready for more space.

Adding storage

If you’re feeling cramped in your current home but not exactly ready to up and move yet, adding dedicated storage is a great way to accommodate your family. Maybe you already have toys littering your floor, or you’re just anticipating them. Maybe your kids have a lot of sports equipment that doesn't have a proper storage area. Or maybe you needed a more organized home office, or somewhere to properly store that prized wine collection.
These are all good reasons to revamp your closets with custom storage solutions, or add built-in cabinetry to store all your family’s most important items. Custom storage can also help to make dedicated use of areas in your home that aren’t currently being used to their full potential. Mix in some open shelving for decor and your heirloom items to keep your home looking stylish. Built-ins are a great way to add value to your home as well. They will add a custom, high-end look that maximizes functionality for potential buyers.

Reconfigure your space

If your lack of space is more than some cabinets can solve, it could be time for a remodel. As families grow, kitchens are all the more important. Renovating your kitchen can greatly improve the functionality of your home and help to make those family dinners more enjoyable for everyone. As an added bonus, limited kitchen remodels are one of the best ways to boost your home’s value.
Another common pain point in crowded homes is inadequate bathroom space. Increasing storage and vanity space and ensuring the shower or bathtub are right for kids will be a welcomed upgrade for any family! Like kitchens, bathroom remodels can pay off when you’re ready to sell the property as well. When that time comes, Berry Boyd Group is well-positioned to help you navigate the sale process.

Find your new dream home

If you’ve already maxed out your current space with even the most creative design solutions, or you’re just ready for a fresh start, a new home could be the right move. Luckily, the Dallas Fort Worth area is great for families and has a lot of spacious homes on the market. There are many homes in the area with enough square footage for all those toys and sports equipment!
Lantana, located just 40 minutes northwest of Dallas in southern Denton County, is a small yet upscale area. This master-planned community was originally built around the 18-hole Lantana Golf Club. The expanding area is great for families and continues to add more amenities and small retailers. The schools are highly rated as well. The median home price in Lantana for September 2022 was just over $650,000, an increase of about $100,000 over the last year. Lantana houses are not only spacious, but have plenty of charm and style as well.
Flower Mound is another great option for growing families. The city is closer to Dallas, with a larger population of around 75,000. While Flower Mound has grown, the city continues to prioritize conservation and the preservation of open space — a great characteristic for families that love the outdoors. In fact, there are 54 parks on 693 acres in town. Flower Mound houses for sale have a similar median home price to Lantana, around $650,000. Here, too, buyers will find homes with large floor plans perfect to accommodate families.
These areas continue to be a great investment, as the population of the Dallas Fort Worth area has grown three times faster than the average of the country’s 50 largest metro areas in recent years. This growth does not appear to be going anywhere as Dallas is now headquarters to 24 Fortune 500 companies.
When you find yourself ready to upgrade your home, Berry Boyd Group can help! Our team has expertise in both getting your current home ready to sell, and finding your dream home that will accommodate every family member.  We can help you make the most of every space to attract a robust pool of buyers, and we also know the best family markets and listings for your next move. Whether Lantana houses sound right for you, or you’re more interested in Flower Mound (or another family friendly North Texas community), our team is ready to help you find the perfect family home!

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