7 of the Best Restaurants in Flower Mound, TX

7 of the Best Restaurants in Flower Mound, TX

  • Berry Boyd Team
  • 09/5/22

Flower Mound has long been a favorite landing spot for local Dallas-Fort Worth residents and those relocating from outside the metroplex. Highly regarded schools, great neighborhoods, and extremely livable luxury residences distinguished this comfortable community as one of the best places to call home in Texas and the entire U.S.

But even with the area's meteoric growth from a sleepy hamlet of 15,000 in the 1990s to more than 65,000 residents in the early 2010s, Flower Mound lacked a dynamic dining scene. Sure, it had its share of drive-thrus, fast casual, and large-scale chain dining, but few stand-outs it could call its own. But a lot can change in ten years.

A decade later, Flower Mound's budding food culture is taking off like many flights at DFW Airport flights. Eclectic, locally-owned and operated, and infinitely delicious, one no longer must travel beyond the city boundaries to find a great meal. The real challenge, now, is deciding which of the hometown haunts to venture to first.

To help you with your decision, we suggest starting with one of the seven best restaurants in Flower Mound.

1845 Taste Texas 

2401 Lakeside Parkway

Photo courtesy of 1845 Taste Texas

We start our tour of Flower Mound's best restaurants with one of the latest additions to the city's new wave of upscale eateries. Opened at a rather precarious time in an already cut-throat marketplace, 1845 Taste Texas survived its challenging mid-2020 start date and established itself as a go-to for adults seeking an elegant spot to call their own.

Situated at the entrance to the sprawling Shops at Lakeside development on Long Prairie Road, 1845 offers an updated take on Texas' wild, western roots. The upscale interior posits a sleek, urban-Texas aesthetic populated with pieces exclusively from Texas artists. It sets the perfect tone for a fun, classy evening of excellent food, drink, and entertainment.

An expansive, low-lit bar with an abundance of televisions is an ideal gathering spot before or after a meal, though it's at its best during the daily 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM happy hour. Venture outside, and 1845 features a huge patio area that hosts live music. The new American steakhouse menu doesn't disappoint. Steaks are procured from 44 Farms, a 4th generation cattle ranch in Central Texas specializing in impeccable Angus beef.

Edohana Sushi 

1900 Long Prairie Road

You can't have a best restaurant list without spotlighting a town's favorite spot for sushi. Surprisingly, Flower Mound has a history of hosting some of the metroplex's most underrated sushi restaurants. And though local, longtime favorite Piranha Killer Sushi closed its doors early in 2022, the lineup remains as strong as ever, with 15 places to get your raw fish fix. The first of two sushi restaurants to appear on our list, Edohana Sushi is the heir apparent to Piranha as the premier sushi bar in Flower Mound

Edohana is a longtime staple in the local dining scene. The stand-alone, family-owned establishment offers patrons a welcoming atmosphere and attentive service. For those who haven't learned to love sushi yet, never fear. Their menu includes options like chicken teriyaki, vegetable tempura, and tonkatsu. Edohana is a comfortable spot for families, thanks to its welcoming aesthetics and laid-back atmosphere. It's impossible to choose a favorite but we highly recommend the Romance roll and the Geisha roll.

Istanbul Cuisine Mediterranean Grill

2911 Cross Timbers Road

Photo courtesy of Istanbul Cuisine Mediterranean Grill

Though it may surprise some, the suburbs are often the best place to discover authentic, international flavors. These under-the-radar establishments often resemble more notable restaurants near the urban core. Exhibit A is Flower Mound's penchant for hosting great sushi restaurants. Exhibit B is found in places such as Istanbul Cuisine Mediterranean Grill. Hidden from view off of Cross Timbers Road near Flower Mound Town Center (the rear of the building faces the road, so you have to trust your GPS), this is definitely worth the effort.

Istanbul's Greek and Turkish offering places you in a Mediterranean state of mind. Fresh Greek salad, hearty gyro platters, freshly baked pita bread, and richly prepared hummus highlight a flavor-filled menu. Add the fantastic traditional Turkish team, and you'll have no problem finding your way back for repeat visits. Istanbul features large family platters and an extensive catering menu if you're entertaining at home.

Mi Cocina

6220 Long Prairie Road

For a number of years, the best dining experiences in or around Flower Mound were popular regional and national chain restaurants. However, for most of these hotspots, such as Blue Goose Cantina, Rockfish Grill, and Snuffers, you had to cross into Highland Village or venture into neighboring Lewisville. One of the few places Flower Mound could call its own is the Dallas institution, Mi Cocina.

The highly respected eatery defines Dallas Tex-Mex cuisine. Wherever one is located—there are 15 locations across the metroplex, plus a food truck—it's often the most popular sport in that suburb or general area. Flower Mound is no different. Whether it's the tacos de brisket, the tamale dinner, or any one of the outstanding enchilada plates, you're never disappointed with a meal at Mi Cocina. Notably, those accompanied by the restaurant's signature Mambo Taxi, a sangria-infused margarita.

Prime Farm to Table Restaurant

5810 Long Prairie Road

Photo courtesy of Prime Farm to Table Restaurant

Upon opening its doors in November 2014, along the northern end of fast-developing Long Prairie Road, Prime Farm to Table represented a turning point in Flower Mound's budding dining scene. Although the town features a few notable sit-downs, like the above-mentioned Mi Cocina, Prime was one of the first independent, upscale restaurants to make a home in Flower Mound. It dealt wholly in fresh farm-, ranch-, and gulf-to-table cuisine was a welcome bonus to locals who'd grown accustomed to traveling well outside the city for such fare.

Indeed, owner and chef Chris Flahaven remains committed to Prime's trademark fresh, organic ingredients. Sourced almost exclusively from farms and ranches in Texas, there is a familiarity with the offerings even as the menu regularly updates new seasonal dishes. Prime is Flower Mound's premier restaurant for healthy lifestyle dining with several gluten-free, keto, vegan, and vegetarian dishes. Nearing its 10th anniversary, Prime Farm to Table is arguably Flower Mound's best dining experience.

Tsunami Sushi & Grill

3851 Long Prairie Road

The second of our two sushi hotspots is the Tsunami Sushi & Grill. Located less than five minutes from Edohana at the intersection of Cross Timbers Road and Long Prairie Road, Tsunami provides guests with a more intimate setting. Tucked away in a nondescript strip center—equal parts affable and unassuming—the interior dining room is upscale and cozy. It proves for the umpteenth time that restaurateurs can work wonders with the ubiquitous North Texas strip mall.

However, the real draw to Tsunami is fresh ingredients and an impressive selection of rolls. A partition splits the main dining area from the sushi bar, and we recommend that serious connoisseurs settle in at the bar to appreciate the Tsunami team's attention to detail when preparing rolls. Regardless of your seating, start your dining experience with garlic edamame and the deep-fried goodness of the jalapeño and crab meat stuffed "heart attack" appetizer.

Verf's Grill & Tavern

2221 Justin Road

Photo courtesy of Verf's Grill & Tavern

Finally, we end our best of Flower Mound dining list with Verf's Grill & Tavern. While you typically associate taverns with great beer, Verf's positions itself as a best of all worlds type of place. Located in far northern Flower Mound at the intersection of Justin and Morriss Roads, it looks like any other North Texas neighborhood bar at first glance. However, upon entering, you're immediately greeted with rustic-industrial chic before spotting plates of food that appear to have been prepared in some of Uptown Dallas' finest restaurants.

The independent, family-owned Verf's has a passion for food, and it shows up daily in a made-from-scratch menu that offers fresh ingredients and seasonal updates—both uncommon traits of your typical grill and tavern. The lively, air-conditioned outdoor patio allows diners to beat the brutal Texas heat while sampling their signature chicken enchilada or sipping on one of their more than 50 on-tap beers. To ensure you have every opportunity to sample what’s on tap, their happy hour extends from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday thru Friday—not just an upscale tavern, but also a very generous one.

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