11 Tips for Moving with Pets

11 Tips for Moving with Pets

  • Berry Boyd Group
  • 10/27/23

Whether you're making a cross-town journey or setting off on a cross-country adventure, moving homes is always a challenge. Now, if you're one of the 66% of American households that own a pet, that challenge is magnified. Pets are family, and their safety and comfort should be a priority during such transitions.

Thankfully, with a bit of planning and some tender love and care, you can make the move as seamless for your furry friends as it is for you. Read on to dive into some tips for moving with pets to ensure a happy transition for every member of your family, tails included.

Familiarize your pet with packing materials and cartons

It's a heartwarming sight, watching your feline friend curiously batting at a piece of bubble wrap or your canine companion turning a cardboard box into a new plaything. But beyond the cuteness, it's essential for pets to familiarize themselves with these unfamiliar objects that will soon fill your home. Begin introducing packing materials and boxes early on, allowing your pets to sniff, explore, and play. This gentle introduction ensures that by the time moving day arrives, these items are not sources of stress or anxiety but familiar fixtures they accept as normal.

Stick to the usual rhythm to ease your pet's nerves

Amidst the whirlwind of moving preparations, the routine of morning walks, feeding times, and snuggle sessions might seem like the easiest to disrupt. But to your pet, these rituals are anchors, grounding them in a world that feels like it's changing too fast. Holding on to that familiar schedule can be just what your pet needs, reminding them that amidst the chaos, some things remain unchanged. Your unspoken promise to them is that no matter where you both are, the love and care you provide will remain a constant.

Engage your pets in playful distractions

Imagine the sheer joy in your pet's eyes when, amidst all the packing and planning, you bring out a new toy or engage in a surprise play session. Entertainment and play aren't just distractions; they're moments of joy, reminding your pets that even during the busiest times, their happiness is a priority. Toys, puzzle feeders, or even a simple game of fetch can work wonders in elevating their spirits, ensuring they associate the moving process with positive experiences.

Create a soothing sanctuary for your pet

Every soul, whether on two legs or four, craves a safe haven — a place where the world's noises fade, replaced by comforting silence. As your home transforms with moving preparations, set aside a quiet corner for your pet. Fill it with their favorite toys, a familiar blanket, and maybe even a piece of your clothing. This sanctuary becomes their retreat, where they can find solace from the hustle and bustle. Whenever the world feels a bit too overwhelming, they know they have a cozy nook waiting.

Consult with your trusted veterinarian

Your vet has been there through every stage of your pet's life, witnessing their growth, health challenges, and milestones. As you prepare for this new chapter, reach out to this trusted advisor. Discuss any potential travel concerns, update any required vaccines, and gather essential medical records. Your vet might also provide insights on how to ease the transition for your pet, sharing their wisdom on what's best for your beloved companion's emotional and physical well-being.

Seek out pet-friendly havens when traveling state-wide

The journey to a new home can be a long one, especially if it involves crossing state lines. This odyssey shouldn't simply be about reaching the destination but cherishing the moments along the way. Scour the path ahead for pet-friendly accommodations, places where their wagging tails and purring hearts are greeted with joy. Every restful night assures them that this journey, like all life's adventures, is undertaken together, paw in hand.

Keep your precious pet close and secure

The moving process can be chaotic, with doors opening frequently and unfamiliar faces walking in and out. Amidst this whirlwind, it's important to keep your pet secure. Whether it's a snug harness by your side or a comforting crate, make sure they're safe and close.

Assemble a dedicated emergency kit for your beloved companion

While we all hope for smooth sailing, it's wise to prepare for any bumps on the moving road. Craft a special emergency bag for your pet, packed with essentials like food, water, first aid, and toys. This bag ensures they're cared for in every unforeseen circumstance.

Prepare your vehicle for a pet-friendly journey

The rumble of a vehicle can be both an adventure and a source of anxiety for pets. As you prepare to transition, consider the journey from their vantage point. Secure a comfortable carrier with ample ventilation and play soft music to soothe their nerves.

Ensure your new dwelling is a safe haven for your pet

Before you let your pet explore the new home, it's vital to ensure it's safe for them. Pet-proofing your space, from securing trash bins to checking for any toxic plants, is a labor of love.

Give it time: Adjusting to the new space

For most pets, the adjustment period in unfamiliar surroundings can span from a few days to a few weeks. As pet owners, we hope that the familiar objects we've brought along — the favorite toys for our loyal dogs or the cozy bed for our playful cats — will provide a sense of comfort. Maintaining a regular routine and familiar items can be the bridge that helps our pets transition smoothly.

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